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>The first person out of the box with comments really gets ripped to shreds
>around here!  So, we should all just toe the party line and say "There are
>NO drawbacks to using Ada".  If he stands up and says that, and there is
>someone in the group that knows only the old rumors and challenges him with
>the old rumors, he'll be unprepared to answer them.

Well "drawbacks" is bound to be a subjective issue, because for someone
who does not need the feature, having it missing is not a drawback. For
my own purposes, as an example, there is no need for Ada to support any
floating point operations.

Thus it would seem that "drawback" must be taken to mean "any factor that
might cause someone to reject Ada".  Lack of pointer arithmetic is
a drawback, even though some people choose Ada because of it.

Larry Kilgallen