Dear Team Ada:

Please see the attached note on the ASIS FDIS Ballot. ASIS could be an
ISO standard in the next couple of months.

ASIS will also have an activity every day at the SIGAda'98 conference
ranging from workshops, a tutorial, a technical paper, and a joint
SAFEWG/ASISWG BOF (using ASIS to analyze the safety-critically of
brewing Pale India Ale using Ada95).

More information on the ASIS Activities at SIGAda'98 can be found at: Events

More information on SIGAda'98 can be found at:

We look forward to seeing you at SIGAda'98!

Currie Colket



The SC22 Secretariat, Mr. Bill Rinehuls, has informed us that ISO/IEC
JTC1 has established the Final Draft International Standard (FDIS)
Ballot of ASIS on 8 December 1998. This is a thumbs up / thumbs down
ballot. If the Nations vote to approve the ballot, then ASIS will become
an international standard. ISO uses the date of publication vice the
date of approval as part of the title. Since it is not likely to be
published in 1998, if the ballot is approved, then ASIS should be
officially known as:

ISO/IEC 15291:1999 Information technology - Programming languages - Ada
Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS)

ASIS is now officially listed as a DIS at the URL in English and at the URL in French.

We are looking forward to happy holidays!

Currie Colket
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