Wes Groleau wrote:

BB>> I agree in general, but there is one pitfall in the case of OOP (which
BB>> the way is not unique to Ada).  If you misspell the name of a
BB>> intended to override an otherwise implicitly inherited operation, then
BB>> do not override it even  though you think you have.  ....
>But this thread started with a question about Ada's advantages and
>disadvantages--if any :-) -- compared with other languages.  If they all
>have the same problem, it doesn't help Neil's report.

Hmm, how unusual: a thread that strays from the topic with which it was
started :-)

I suppose I should have changed the Subject line; sorry.

Actually I believe that Eiffel does not have the problem that I alluded to.
If I remember correctly, I think that you have to explicitly mark a routine
that overrides one that otherwise would be implicitly inherited.


Ben Brosgol
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