C Daniel Cooper wrote
> Now one could consider creating a super-package containing all the parent
> packages, but that would change all points of usage -- something I would
> think desirable.

Any existing points of usage would indeed be impacted (as would the new
child packages themselves) -- future points would not, by definition.

[Daniel Wengelin]  Is this really true? Is it not the case that a simple
library unit
that renames the library unit that has become a child of a super package
back to its old name would save any external clients ("packages outside the
CSC") from changing? Consider e.g. a package Exported_Interface in the CSC.
It would become "package CSC.Exported_Interface". This package could
however be renamed back! "with CSC.Exported_Interface; package
Exported_Interface renames CSC.Exported_Interface;"

Internally to the CSC it is perhaps harder to get away without changes.
When I tried the operation in ObjectAda with a non-exported package it said
that I cannot rename it back to its original name. I guess that was to be

Cheers, Daniel