Gene Ouye wrote:
[deleted stuff]
> Right now we are building a Rose 98 Ada 95 and Ada 83 code generator that
> will be tightly integrated with Rational Apex Ada NT for both code
> generation and reverse engineering.  But you can also use it independent of
> Apex if you don't want to do reverse engineering.  The code generation and
> reverse engineering portions have been working since early this summer (I
> have been demoing them for months), and the work remaining is in the
> integration with Apex NT.  The official beta will be available in about 2
> weeks, but if you need it now, I can get something together for you that you
> could use tomorrow.
> You will be able to get Ada 95 as an add-in, or as an Ada-only Professional
> Edition.

Outstanding. Thank you Gene.  I am glad to know that Rational
really IS "rational".  I will be waiting for the release.

Phil Johnson