I made an online usability survey script which may be of interest.
You can use it to administer a variety of usability questionnaires
on the Web without even having to install any software.  You do not
need to know perl, CGI, or HTML to use it.  Or so I claim.

Gary Perlman, [log in to unmask]  http://www.acm.org/~perlman/

question.cgi is a customizable Web-based perl CGI script to administer
and collect data according to a few "standard" user interface
evaluation questionnaire forms (QUIS, PUEU, CSUQ, and PUTQ). The script
can be customized and run from a remote server:
from which data are emailed in a simple format. The script accepts
options as part of its form data:
 * general customizations such as system name, administrator email, ...
 * customizations to the rating scale such as number of points, labels, ...
 * number of open-ended positive/negative comments requested
The script uses these options to present the questionnaire on the Web,
gather ratings, general comments, and question-specific comments, and
email the results to the designated survey administrator. The user
manual allows the online reader to design and create their own
questionnaire is available at:
The script is freely available, AS-IS, in a shell archive at: