> .....  After
> seeing Ada in two courses, our students take our operating system course
> using C.  We do not teach them C, they pick it up during the first
> couple of weeks in the Op. Sys. course.  The first time we did this, I
> was concerned about the transition because the guy who teaches OS did
> not know Ada.  His experience was:
> 1.  The students ask the right questions, like
>     "How do I package in this language?"
> 2.  They use variable names that are more than two letters long.
> 3.  They do not abuse the ++ operator.
> 4.  They write readable C programs.

Just to play Devil's Advocate, do they learn the hard way about the value
of the things they lose by changing languages?  (abstraction support, type
checking, range checking, not having to have Makefiles, and on and on....)