> > Just to play Devil's Advocate, do they learn the hard way about the value
> > of the things they lose by changing languages?  (abstraction support, type
> > checking, range checking, not having to have Makefiles, and on and on....)
> No, they learned the easy way, they learned Ada first{:-).  As a result, they
> can spend more time on concepts.  If you come from concepts and avoid language
> hacking, you avoid the pothole, sinkholes, ...

That's not what I meant.

When they were using Ada, the compiler pointed out their simple mistakes
and typos.  (If everyone could be trusted to do a fool-proof code review
before compiling, C  would be almost as good as Ada!)

Now when they write in C, and their programs compile the first time, does
the professor warn them that they are going to crash, or does he keep
quiet and REALLY let the lesson sink in?   :-)