Hello Darren,

Although the sample code links to WebAda no longer work, the text
contains examples of mapping OMT to Ada, along with some
discussions of trade-offs. This was done several years ago, and
is not currently being maintained:


I know of at least one commercial tool which used this mapping to
begin some of its Ada mapping. However, I did not keep track of
how they progressed.

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At 1:44 PM -0500 11/26/98, Darren Mitchell wrote:
>Hi there! I hope you don't mind me writing to you
>about an ada question. I got your name off the net.
>I am currently new to the language, of my own doing,
>after ada being recommended by a friend to improve
>my programming skills at work.
>I am now currently trying to implement relations.
>Like say domain and range, domain restriction and
>range restriction through an array based
>Would you know of how i could get some example
>code to look at please?
>Thanking you in advance,
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