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>on a side point about no class construct in Ada: I feel it was a mistake
>not to add it in. I understand that the semantics of a class in there, but
>not the construct itself. but that makes Ada OO stuff not normal. it is
>like going to England, and having to drive of the left side of the road, while
>the rest of the world drives on the right side of the road. People will find
>driving on the left awkward and do not feel right and they will make mistakes,
>but offcourse the Britich will think that driving on the left is the normal
>way, and the rest of the world got it wrong.
I quite like the idea of drawing a parallel between Ada users and the
British as against non-Ada users and the rest of the world ;-) but I
should perhaps point out that the Japanese also drive on the left hand
side. :-)
Michael Pickett