Michael Feldman wrote:

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> > >The theory I heard about why we in the US drive on the right is that
> > >people traveled in wagons, with a driver and a guard who "rode shotgun".
> > >If you're right-handed, you want your right finger to pull the trigger,
> > >so you sit on the left and hold the gun out to the left of the wagon.
> > >But then it makes sense to drive on the right. Voila.
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> > The defence (defense) influence at the origin cannot have escaped your
> > notice. It seems quite appropriate in the circumstances. :-)
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> > --Michael--
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> Yeah, seems like defense spinoff is everywhere, eh?
> Mike Feldman

Continuing with the defense spinoff, of course with another theory, the Romans
had caused all of Europe to drive on the left side. Europe did this until
Napoleon came into power. As Napoleon conquered a town, his troops forced the
locals to drive on the right side of the street as a sign of submission to the
French with acceptance of French law.  After Napoleon was defeated, it was just
as easy to continue driving on the right as it was to change. It was not until
the age of the automobile where it really made a difference. The French had a
significant influence on America, so consequently we drive on the right as

Again, just a theory.