Todd Coniam wrote:

> Actually, your code is directly accessible from Ada, so rewriting is not
> necessary.  Ada95 has a direct interface to Fortran (even array subscripting)
> so using existing Fortran code is no problem.  Ada's Numerics annex is
> designed to answer just the types of questions you have.  You will have to
> find a compiler that supports it, like GNAT, for your platform.  But you'd
> probably have to look for a C++ compiler too.

This is a big advantage in going to Ada rather than some other language.  With
the ease of interfacing Ada with other languages, you don't have to do everything
at once, but can move to Ada as part of your ongoing maintenance activity.

> p.s.  Sorry, I don't have any experience to pass on about interfacing to
> Fortran, I just noticed nobody else responded with it.

 I have done Fortran - Ada interfacing in the VAX/VMS and Alpha/VMS environment
and am now working on interfacing Fortran code to Ada in a 68060/VxWorks
environment and so far have found no problems.

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