Geoff Bull wrote:

> Of course, with Ada, we don't have to "assume" anything,
> and we don't have to write programs that "usually" work.
> And writing truly portable code is generally not that hard.

yes, offcourse Ada is much more portable than C/C++. but still in Ada,
doesn't the size of an 'integer' for example depend on the platform on
is on?

Java is even more portable than Ada, becuase in Java, all primitive data
types have the same size on any platform. offcourse this is easy to do
since the platform is the same on every OS, which is the JVM :)

but it is nice to know that an int is 32 bits, no matter where one is
running the program, and that a long is 64 bits no matter where, etc..

offcourse in Java one can;t make subtypes on primitive datatypes like in
Ada, which I really like in Ada.