At 2:50 AM +1100 16/12/98, Jeff Burns wrote:

>I just read an interesting article that said the best marketing
>campaigns answer customers' questions in the order they ask them until
>all their questions have been answered satisfactorily.  This is a
>process that removes barriers to sale.

>Also, there is a perception among some people that Ada is a dead DOD
>language and this will be tough to overcome.  Their question may be:
>am I betting my career on a declining language?  It may take answering
>this with testimonials from managers who made the tough choice to go
>with Ada, succeeded, and it helped advance their careers.

I don't know if my last post got through, but i think we should ride on
the back of other success stories, and link Ada to very successul "here
and now" software.
Windows is a curious beast - it and the software that runs on it is often
criticised for being unreliable, yet it is regarded as the defacto
operating system. We could pull these threads together and use them to our


        Ada - for reliable Windows 95/98/NT software

        Ada - for Windows software that doesn't crash