I am well aware of both your increadible projects, AdaGIDE and Rapid.
I have used both and admire your work. If not for either one I don't
even think I would have considered getting involved in such a project.
I am also using AdaGIDE for my development.

I had forgoten that your TASH GUI was called Rapid when I chose to
start refering to my proposed project as RapidAda. I meant nothing by
it. I will change the name in the future.

I had originally thought about using Tash and talking to you about
extending Rapid, but I find that Tash has many limits and I don't like
the TCL baggage.

One foundation of this project will be a set of GUI classes that
allows for cross platform (Win32, X, and JVM/JDK). I have already made
some headway in the Win32 area and started in on the Java version.

The classes allow for both inheritance style extension for the
creation of new components and also vtables for Delphi like RAD use.

For example:

Create(MyWindow, "Hello World!");
Set_On_Mouse_Exit(MyWindow, MyMouseProcedure'Access);

This should make Delphi component style programming a little more

Cross platform Database access and database access components (grids,
text fields, etc) are the other important foundations of the project.

I look forward to seeing your work on a JDK version of Rapid.

I would sugest adding the ability to set what the command line for the
compiler in AdaGIDE. It works great when I am developing for GNAT, but
I can't set the compiler to AdaJava for the JVM stuff.

David Botton

---"Martin C. Carlisle" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> A very preliminary tool, RAPID, was presented (by me) at SIGAda '98.
> It uses the TASH binding to Tcl/Tk.  A redesign for the Ada-to-Java
> technology will begin in early January.  Suggestions are welcome
> (though don't bother telling me to look at XYZ proprietary tool
> unless you plan to buy me a copy).
> See ftp://ftp.usafa.af.mil/pub/dfcs/carlisle/usafa/rapid/index.html
> for more info.
> --Martin

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