On 25 Nov 1998 Prof. Ahmad H. NAsri asked:
>    Does anyone out there have a graphical visualization of the
>Dining Philosophers problem in Operating Systems?
  I just put one that runs on Windows up for ftp.  SRC.ZIP (31K)
is the source only, while exe.zip (236K) is that plus an exe file.
ftp members.aol.com
user ftp
password your e-mail address
cd gmoran01\diners
get src.zip
get exe.zip
  This is a graphic version of Prof. Michael Feldman's Ada version.
The exe should run on any Windows PC while the source should compile
with any Windows-targetted Ada 95 compiler (it also needs the CLAW
library demo version, available in source (400K) from www.rrsoftware.com).
The source is simple enough students should be able to experiment.
Changing the relative durations of eating and thinking visually shows
the synchronization, or lack of it, that may prevent or allow deadlock.
Tom Moran