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> > ...
> > Actually, I think Tucker should (a) bag the "function points" language,
> > and (b) bite the bullet and say that productivity is way higher with
> > Ada, not "at least as high" (what if, say, car dealers said "come on
> > down and trade that car in for a new Belchfire -- it's _at_least_as_good_
> > as what you're driving now!").
> I didn't write the paragraph that talked about function points

Well OK, but you started this whole thing anyway... :-)

Sorry for the misattribution...
-- Mark

P.S. I had meant to add -- for whomever I was addressing :-) -- that there's
empirical and theoretical substantiation for the "way higher
productivity" position.  Steve Zeigler's paper comes to mind (sorry, I
can't remember the title and I don't have a URL handy, but you can find
links to it on the usual pages...)