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I plan to set up a libc6 based linux box with two processors on
the mainboard to speed up the execution of cyclic fortran routines.
I am currenlty involved with dynamilcal simulations in statistical
physics where two or more do-loops are nested together and executed a
very large number of times.
Since i will not buy a commercial fortran compiler, i am exploring the
possibility to translate to ada (the gnat gpl'd version) my routines
to get a parallel code.
Here is question:
    will ada programs, given appropriate directives, run in parallel
    on a two processor pc intel machine, provided that that the linux
    kernel as been compiled setting SMP=1 in the makefile?
    Can you tell where to get examples in which parallel instructions
    ae used in ada source?

thank you for your attention and help

Paolo Pumilia
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