> If any one is interested in an effort to create a copy left RAD front
> end for Ada, that will generate code for any Ada compiler on the back
> end, let me know.
> Even if you are not, please e-mail any ideas, specs, etc:

A very preliminary tool, RAPID, was presented (by me) at SIGAda '98.
It uses the TASH binding to Tcl/Tk.  A redesign for the Ada-to-Java
technology will begin in early January.  Suggestions are welcome
(though don't bother telling me to look at XYZ proprietary tool
unless you plan to buy me a copy).

See ftp://ftp.usafa.af.mil/pub/dfcs/carlisle/usafa/rapid/index.html

for more info.


Martin C. Carlisle, Asst Prof of Comp Sci,
US Air Force Academy, [log in to unmask]

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