I was also on http://www.adaic.org/ last night, and I thought their
database of compiler vendors was very well-organized and useful
(I quickly found the answers I was looking for).  Two small items:

1. Is this the complete, "official" reference for all Ada compilers?  I'd
   like to simply be able to point people to one place to answer compiler
   availability questions.
2. I could not find a way to get simply a complete list.  I had to ask
   for subsets.  Would the ARA consider adding a feature for getting
   just a complete list (all compilers in the database)?


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> Subject: Compiler Hosts and Targets
> Here is a slightly edited version of a list of compiler hosts
> and targets I sent around a few weeks ago, along with a list
> of companies that sell Ada-supportive tools.  I would appreciate
> any comments, additions, deletions, etc.
> Thanks in advance,
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> --------------------------------------
>             A d a    C o m p i l e r s   a n d   T o o l s
> The following is a partial list of Hosts, Targets, and operating systems
> supported by various Ada compiler vendors:
>     Hosts:
>        SPARC/Solaris, HP9000/HP-UX, RS6000/AIX, IBM390/MVS,
>        Intelx86/Win-NT/9X, SGI/IRIX, Concurrent/PowerMAX, Intelx86/Linux,
>        Intelx86/OS/2, PowerMAC/Tenon, VAX/VMS, Alpha/Open-VMS,
>        Intelx86/DOS, Alpha/DEC-Unix, Siemens-Nixdorf RM200/SINIX
>     Targets: All the above hosts plus:
>        PowerPC/VxWorks, PowerPC/Raven, Intelx86/PharLapETS,
>        PowerPC/Integrity, HP7xx/HP-RT, MIPS/VxWorks, RAD6000/VxWorks,
>        68K/VxWorks, Pentium/VxWorks, ADI-21020/Bare, i960/HAOS,
>        PowerPC/LynxOS, ADI-SHARC/Virtuoso, IBM390/CICS, Nighthawk 6800
> The Hosts and Targets list is not complete, as some compilers
> are used in-house without being officially validated, while others
> are in the process of development.  In particular, there are a
> number of GNAT-derivatives being used for production work for targets
> or hosts not listed above.
> There are also Ada 95 compilers that generate Java byte codes, as well
> as those that generate optimized ISO/ANSI C as their intermediate code,
> allowing integration with JVM-based environments, as well as with
> any existing
> ISO/ANSI-C-supportive environment.  In addition, there is the GNAT
> compiler supported by Ada Core Technologies, which targets the
> GNU "GCC" optimizer and backend.  As with GCC, the GNAT compiler operates
> under the "open source" principle (the GNAT front end is written
> in Ada 95 itself).  Given these three integration approaches
> (JVM, ISO/ANSI C, and GCC), plus the existing retargetable
> technologies of the other compiler vendors, an Ada 95 capability
> is readily available on essentially any platform of interest now
> or in the future.
> The Ada compiler and tool market is served by a number of
> software vendors.
> The following vendors provide multiple Ada compilers (those marked with a
> "*" are members of the Ada Resource Association -- www.adaresource.org):
>     *Ada Core Technologies  (www.gnat.com)
>     *Aonix (www.aonix.com)
>     *AverStar (formerly Intermetrics)  (www.averstar.com)
>     *DDC-I  (www.ddci.com)
>     *Green Hills Software  (www.ghs.com)
>      Irvine Compiler Corp (www.irvine.com)
>     *O. C. Systems (www.ocsystems.com)
>     *Rational Software (www.rational.com)
>      RR Software (www.rrsoftware.com)
>      TLD Systems
> There are also companies who just offer compilers for their own
> hardware or chips; for example:
>     Analog Devices (for the SHARC) (www.analog.com)
>     Concurrent (www.ccur.com)
>     SGI (www.sgi.com)
> There are also a number of tool companies which provide
> Ada-supportive tools;
> for example:
>     Ainslie Software (AdaJNI -- www.ainslie-software.com)
>     GrammaTech (Ada-Assured -- www.grammatech.com)
>     Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS Ada Xcessories -- www.ics.com)
>     IPL (AdaTest -- www.iplbath.com)
>     McCabe and Associates (McCabe QA/Test/Reengineer/2000 --
> www.mccabe.com)
>     Objective Interface Systems (ORBExpress/Ada -- www.ois.com)
>     Praxis Critical Systems (SPARK -- www.praxis-cs.co.uk)
>     Vector Software (AdaCAST -- www.vectors.com)
> A number of the compiler vendors also sell Ada-supportive tools
> The Ada compiler and tool market is approximately $100 Million.
> Ada training and mentoring services are also available from many
> of the above product companies, plus from various other companies
> and independent consultants.
> For a sampling of projects that have used Ada successfully, see
> http://www.adaic.org/projects/successes.html.