Hi Doug,

> . . . a recent article about successful major promotions made a
>deal of sense. Make a new market from contradictions: A
>sports car; A conservative-liberal (i.e. moderate) politician . . .

Several years ago Saturday Night Live did a great phony ad that
satirized this concept, it was something like:


The new dessert topping that's also a floor cleaner!

"Tastes GREAT . . . and just look at that shine!"


Seriously though, I still think there must be some intrinsic value in
Ada's record with safety critical applications that can be applied to
more mainstream and seemingly contradictory use.  And I think safety
critical will be a very hot issue when real Y2K problems start
popping, so Ada could be well-positioned.  [I may be kicking a dead
horse here though, based on other perspectives.]

Incidentally, a Business Week article last week said the tab for Y2K
is now projected to go over $1 Trillion and pointed out that perhaps
40% of the cost will be in the years following because of all the NEW
problems being introduced by Y2K solutions.  More opportunity for Ada.

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