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<< View of computer or terminal near window.  Dark outside.
 Programmer behind it, with milk mustache and look of anguish.
 Glass of milk in mid-air on the way down.

 Cut to title:  "Got Ada?"


Here's another 30 second commercial:

Three programmers working.
First two huddled over cluttered desk busy staring at monitor, checking notes,
acting apprehensive and distraught. Slightly disheveled clothing.
Third [Ada programmer] at clean desk.  Calm, cool, collected.  Neatly dressed.

Ada programmer turns off computer and gets up:
  "Well, I guess you guys will be working late again!"
First programmer responds:
  "What, don't tell me your done!"
Ada programmer respondes while leaving:
  "Yes." [pause] "Good night."

Second programmer asks first:
  "What's his secret?"
First programmer replies somewhat mournfully and/or jealously:
  "He uses Ada."

Both turn to see monitor turn to blue screen of death with accompaning buzz of
PC speaker.

One of them says:
  "Oh not again!!!!"

Closing shot:
 Ada programmer driving home happy.
   <insert appropriate Ada phrase here>

(c) Todd Coniam

p.s.  Anyone whishing to use this in an actual commercial, please contact me.

p.p.s.  Be assured I'm not greedy folks.  I'd just like a little recognition
(and renumeration) for my idea.