> Here is question:
>     will ada programs, given appropriate directives, run in parallel
>     on a two processor pc intel machine, provided that that the linux
>     kernel as been compiled setting SMP=1 in the makefile?

I believe that if you use LinuxThreads, your threads can be parcelled
to different CPUs.  I am not a 100% sure, since I don't have a multi-CPU
system.  I don't know if LinuxThreads takes care of the parallelism,
I believe it can be done.

>     Can you tell where to get examples in which parallel instructions
>     ae used in ada source?

Like I said above.  If you have two separate threads they'll probably be
run on separate CPUs.  See the following for info on LinuxThreads.

My suggestion is to contact Xavier Leroy for further info.  If you are
successful please let me know.  I want to go with a two processor system
like you have.  Good Luck!

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