Greg Vantreese writes:
> I have an immediate, emergency need for a replacement for a Sun SparcWorks
> Ada compiler.  Sun no longer sells this Ada compiler and I am having
> difficulty locating its successor, if it exists.  Specifically, I need
> something like a Verdix/VADS Ada compiler with a host/target of Sun Solaris
> 2.5.1 on UltraSPARC hardware.

We are in exactly the same situation.  Rational will sell you the successor
to VADS Ada compilers and it is approximately the same price as SunAda.  I
don't know if it is the full SparcWorks package with ImpactAda, etc.  However,
it is the same compiler (or the latest version of it!).  Warning: you might
have to upgrade to Solaris 2.6.

We are currently evaluating Rational Apex, Aonix ObjectAda, and ACT GNAT for
future replacement of our SunAda compilers.

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