> > I just browsed for some info in the MICO CORBA
> implementation. From this activity comes a number
> > questions and ideas that I would like to share with you.
> >
> > 1) Is there a GNAT IDL-to-Ada translator? If not, does
> anyone know of any effort in the area?
> Objective Interface Systems (www.ois.com) has been the primary player
> in the IDL-to-Ada market.  They have a tool, as well as an ORB
> to go with it, called ORBExpress, which supports both Ada 95 and
> C++.

If you just want an Idl-To-Ada translator (i.e. no libraries, no
run-time, free),
you may wish to take a look at the Mitre effort

> > ...
> > I think that CORBA and Ada is a good match and that it
> would make Ada more attractive
> > to get in on this track.
> I agree, and so would OIS.

We (Paranor) are very happy with the OIS implementation of CORBA (i.e.
Ada is already on this track...). (And note that a CORBA implementation
is much more than just an IDL to Ada translator.)

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