On 14/01, Barbey, Stephane wrote:
| > > 1) Is there a GNAT IDL-to-Ada translator? If not, does
| > anyone know of any effort in the area?
| If you just want an Idl-To-Ada translator (i.e. no libraries, no
| run-time, free), you may wish to take a look at the Mitre effort
| (http://www.mitre.org/technology/idl2ada/IDL-TRAN.HTM).

If the question concerns GNU idl to ada translator, then MITRE idl2ada
is far from being GNU. If you look at the MITRE license, it is not
similar to GNU license at all.

There is an interesting project GNACK (GNU Ada CORBA Kit) developped
by Oliver M. Kellogg ([log in to unmask]). Its first target is
ORBit. It works pretty well. He sent an announcement several months
ago on this same mailing-list.

-- Laurent