I have downloaded Emacs 20.2.1 and emacs-ada-mode 2.23.

I am having problems with the Xref function. When I try to Goto Declaration of
something, I often get the message "file C doesn't exist". It appears as if it
only runs into trouble when the file the declaration is in has been prefixed
with a full path by gnatf. I even get the feeling that the C in the above statement
is the disk, as in C: (I edited the .xrb file and found that I could set it to W or anything)

It appears as if the failing function is ada-xref-get-filename in the ada-xref.el lisp file.
M. Laurent Guerby has inserted a cryptic comment in the code where the bug
should be, but I fail to interpret it and with my total lack of LISP knowledge
I cannot get any further.

Please help.

                        Cheers, Dan