>Does anybody know about some frameworks for Microsoft Windows "OSes" like
>MFC (from Microsoft) or OWL (from Borland/Inprise) because using calls like
>PPAL := Void_To_Logpalette(Win32.Malloc.Malloc(
>            Win32.Strings.size_t((Win32.WinGdi.LOGPALETTE'size)/8 +
>                   NPAL*((WinGdi.PALETTEENTRY'size)/8))));
>is very "difficult".
>P.S. I understand that MS Windows OSes are not so good but they are widely

Sure, that is what Claw is. You can download a free demo version from
www.rrsoftware.com, which includes both a demo binding and a demo
application builder. Claw works with all of the major Ada 95 compilers.

(Disclaimer: I work for the company that makes Claw.)