What if all of Team Ada collaborated and built some tools to allow Ada to build/use gui/non-gui COM/DCOM components?

Particularly, OIS and Software A.G. could get together with the Ada Compiler vendors to come up with something quite synergetic and would complement the entire Ada Industry.  This would permit all the Ada developers to deliver/sell products to the Windows 95/98/NT markets.  Another important point would be to permit Ada components to be reused by other languages such as VB/C++/Delphi in a transparent manner.  Presently Ada does have the capacity to use Com Components however the tool support is very weak.  I also understand there is one gentleman( [log in to unmask]) that has succeeded in using(but not making) a COM component from an Ada executeable. http://www.botton.com/ada/os/com-simple.html .  I tried this one myself with gnat and msvc 6 and it works like a charm.

There is another gentleman( Rob Veenker [mailto:[log in to unmask]]) who has succeeded in using(but not making) an OLE component. Mr. Veenker's comments:  "I also tried to create a word.basic object, and this works too ! It's just that the typelib is rather large and most methods use more parameters. Maybe it is possible to create a typelib parser that generates Ada packages :-)"  Here it is:

( <<ole.zip>> )

I have approached some Ada compiler vendors on this weakness(of not being able to build/use gui/non-gui COM/DCOM components) in their toolset.  All the Ada compiler vendors are complementary to each other, in other words they both share a piece of the same pie.  Instead of competing on this issue, they could cooperate in order to make their pie bigger and tastier.  I read a good book called "co-opetition" regarding this different perspective.  I highly recommend it.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
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David Marceau
Programmer/Analyst - Firepower Systems
Land Software Engineering Centre - DND Canada
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