I'm designing a search form and a search results page.  Are there any
guidelines out there for what information should be shown on a search
results page?

I found Nielsen's Alertbox article on how to set up searches
(http://www.useit.com/alertbox/9707b.html for those interested), and I
looked at Keith's site, but didn't see anything about what to show on a
results page.

However, from my own preferences and experience with searches, I think
the following (at a minimum) should appear:

Title of the page
URL of the page
Summary (or first 50 or so words of content -- not HTML tags!)
Ranking (the goodness of the match between the query terms and the page)
Date page was last altered

Any suggestions?

This is for a company's external Web site.

-- Louise

Louise Penberthy
Baltimore, MD  U.S.A.
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