Dear friends,

Well, it's nearly spring and it's time again for a change...I now work for
Top Layer Networks, Inc..., I didn't change jobs (not again...;->) company decided to
change its name from BlazeNet to Top Layer Networks, Inc. for various legal
and marketing reasons.  Actually, I think someone in marketing wanted a new
slogan.  We also have moved to a new location and all the particulars about
the new location can be found in my signature below.

Finally, we are into beta testing our first product the AppSwitch 2000,
when we delivered it to Fitchburg State College last week.  And they
promptly put the AppSwitch in their network, connecting 435 computers
(yikes!) ...and it worked fine -- at least so far.  With a little modesty,
we only slipped two weeks in a six-month schedule, which included the
unplanned development of our own runtime executive.  No wonder I feel like
I have no life.

Just thought you should know...m

ps:  Please forgive the replication of this message, as some of you appear
on several mailing lists I maintain.
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