> System, Software and Application Development for Complex Systems
> * Tool and Environments for Distributed and Networked Complex Systems
> * System and Software Architecture and Systems Engineering.
> * Distributed, Networked Heterogeneous Computing and Technologies.
> * Hardware/Software Co-design
> * Distributed and Networked Systems Architectures for QoS, Reliability,
>   Portability, Scalability and Security.
> * Distributed, Networked Systems for High Performance Computing
> * Adaptable and Dynamic Distributed, Networked Heterogeneous Architectures.
> * Architecture Trades (Size, Weight, Power, Performance, ...)
> * Hardware/Software Modeling and Simulation.
> * Distributed, Networked Hardware and Software Instrumentation and
>   Monitoring
> * Embedded Real-time Systems.
> * Rapid Prototyping.

This somewhat fits with a message I was preparing to post:

I just read an article about four systems for distributed computing that
are preparing to compete in this area:  Jini from Sun, UP&P from
Microsoft, Inferno from Lucent Technologies, and (name forgot) from IBM.
(Article alleges that Inferno is technically the best but the worst in
marketing--sound familiar?)

Here's a chance for an Ada advocate with a good idea to have something
ready to run with an emerging technology.