I also think they are very close to having the ability to accept visa/mc over
the web for renewals etc. . .

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Hal Hart <[log in to unmask]> on 02/19/99 03:21:17 AM

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 Subject: Re: $25 Bargain -Re: SIGAda membership

>Dear Hart,
>I would like to become a member of SIGAda ($25 Bargain).
>Where I must send my application ( by E-mail or FAX ) ?

This is a test of my ability to place downloadable files on a website.
Please set your web browser to
http://home.earthlink.net/~hal_hart/sigadapp.doc and you should get a
version of our SIGAda application with the new $25 price.  And with
addresses & FAX #s to send it to.

Let me know if you can get it and read it OK.  If so, I'll ask that this
file be placed conspicuously on the SIGAda website also.   -Hal