I believe the "?" character you are looking for is an "o" with a forward
slash through it.    You can see the home page at
"http://gate.dmi.dk/projects/oersted."  The aforementioned spelling is

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I'm not David, but I hope that's OK?  ;-)
= > The Danish built satellite "?rsted" was finally launched
=                              ^^^^^^^^
= DAvid, can you get an English equivalent of that Danish character?
= I want to put this on the education site. My guess is that it's Ae,
= but I'd like to be sure.
The English equivalent name is "Oersted" (but pronounced with a 'eu'
as in the Dutch word 'deur').
I'm almost sure the first letter is normally written as an 'o' and 'e'
joined to form one character, i.e. the right side of the o touches the
left side of the e.
"Oersted" is the old unit for measuring the strength of a magnetic field
and this name matches perfectly with the mission of the satellite, which
is to measure the earths magnetic field.
Hope this helps. ;-)