To: Wesley Groleau et al.
From: Bob Leif, Ph.D.

There are two major disadvantages of C++. 1) The Java advertising machine
will kill it. 2) Raytheon because it is demonstrably negligent in using an
unsafe language, C++, will be liable for punitive damages when the
inevitable catastrophe occurs. This is even stupider than manufacturing
silicon breast implants. I am sorry that the shareholders and employees of
Raytheon are paying the salaries and providing other compensation for a
group of technologically incompetent managers.

The arguments about the choice of language being insignificant are wrong.
The source text is a manufactured product. The same total quality rules
apply to source text and executable code as any other part of a product
where human life is involved.

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> Here's another request for assistance in a battle that looks like
> it's already
> lost.  I unfortunately don't have the time to adequately answer all of the
> misleading (a few are downright false) claims here.  Anyone is
> welcome to throw
> in response to specific items.  Please, though, let's not have
> several reposts
> of the entire presentation just to answer one line.  Of
> particular value are
> quantified empirical evidence.
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