"Robert C. Leif, Ph.D." wrote:
> To: Wesley Groleau et al.
> From: Bob Leif, Ph.D.
> There are two major disadvantages of C++. 1) The Java advertising machine
> will kill it. 2) Raytheon because it is demonstrably negligent in using an
> unsafe language, C++, will be liable for punitive damages when the
> inevitable catastrophe occurs. This is even stupider than manufacturing
> silicon breast implants. I am sorry that the shareholders and employees of
> Raytheon are paying the salaries and providing other compensation for a
> group of technologically incompetent managers.

I guess I finally need to speak up after a long "lurking" period. I
think a little perspective has to be injected here. Ever since I started
working for Raytheon in 9/97, I have been struck by the high quality of
my management, including technically. It is of course a big company
(especially after merger with Hughes, TI, E-Systems) and I have
visibility only into a small part. But that part is using nothing but
Ada and with full support of management, on several related projects. I
found Wesley's post painful especially realizing we both work for the
same company, but there is a bigger picture which does not all point in
the same direction.

-- David