Do you know where CHIFOO, CapCHI, CHI-CHI, or BayCHI are?  How about
RockyMtnCHI, TwinCHI, MOCHI, or MosCHI?  SwissCHI, SIGCHI Italy, Toulouse
SIGCHI, or Poland SIGCHI?  OK, some are easier to guess than others.  All
are identified on the SIGCHI Local SIGs webpage

Here is just a small sampling (i.e., an incomplete list) of what is or will
soon be happening in the world of some of these CHI local sigs:


  On February 9 in Rome will be the first Italian meeting on HCI (i.e.,
  it involves only Italian people working in either industry or academia,
  and all presentations will be in Italian).  The event -- called
  HCITALY'99 -- is being held in cooperation with SIGCHI Italy.


  Apala Lahiri Chavan received funding from SIGCHI to establish an HCI
  library to be operated by India SIGCHI.

 Americas (outside USA)

  CapCHI's 17 February program: "Ethnographic Methods in System Design,"
  presented by Robert MacLeod of UBC.

  ToRCHI's February 9 meeting (postponed from January due to snow storms):
  "Designing your page from the ground up; Building in accessibility for
  the visually impaired."  Speakers: Karen McCall and Debbie Gillespie,
  Canadian National Institute for the Blind.

  VanCHI just announced its beginnings.

 United States

  BayCHI's program on Tuesday Febuary 9 will be "Tug o' War: Developing
  User Friendly Component Software," Michael Arent & Daniel Guinan, Sun
  Microsystems.  The BayCHI-Kids BOF will hold a social event the evening
  of February 24.

  LA-CHI's January 27th program featured a presentation on, "Human-
  Computer Interactions and Virtual Reality at California State University,
  Northridge (CSUN)" by Michael Barnes and Tyler Blake.

  ConnCHI's meeting January 27: "Advanced Internet Technologies" --
  Melissa Sader & Karyn Young.

  CHI*A will visit CNN Interactive the evening of February 10.  Hosts:
  CNN Interactive VPs and management team members.

  CHI-CHI will feature Patrick Whitney of IIT: "As If Users Mattered."
  Date: February 15.  A dinner is being organized for before the meeting.

  GB/SIGCHI will meet February 24: "Human-to-Human Communication with
  DECKER COMMUNICATIONS' L.I.V.E. (Live Interactive Video Experience)"
  Faciltated by Decker Consultant Debbie Hildebrandt.

  TwinCHI will tour the Honeywell House (formerly Honeywell Smart House)
  the evening of February 18th at 6:00 pm.

  CHI-NYC will meet February 8: "In the Trenches: The Quick & Dirty
  Portable Usability Lab For Under $5000," Scott Weiss.

  BuckCHI's February 9th program: "'I think my cup holder is broken.'
  Starting a usability evaluation program at CompuServe - lessons learned
  and a tour the new usability lab."  Speaker: James Geyerman of
  CompuServe - Interactive Services.

  GatewayCHI's meeting on February 3 will feature a presentation and
  hands-on design exercises led by Bill Miller to explore principles of
  GUI design.  Plus, Mike Coble will provide an update on ideas and plans
  for possible HCI projects that involve St. Louis area technologies and
  systems.  (This meeting was scheduled for January, but had to be
  postponed due to bad weather.)

  KC-CHI was officially chartered by ACM on January 21.

  CHIFOO's February 16 program: Usability Challenges of The Wired Home,
  Jon Meads, Usability Architects, Inc.

  PS-SIGCHI will meet February 24.  Topic: Strike Up The Brand: How to
  Design for Branding.  Speaker: Jared Spool.

For access to further information on the above and on what is happening
with other CHI Local SIGs, see the SIGCHI Local SIGs webpage

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