On Mon, 8 Mar 1999, Hal Hart wrote:

> Steven Deller wrote:
> > ...
> > For my part, I am already worried about Ada's built in Y21000 bug.  I won't
> > be around to see it cause problems, but my bet is that it will.
> I award Steve the prize for most optimistic prediction of Ada's future ever

  There is this story circulating around the COBOL community.

  A COBOL programmer, tired of dealing with Y2K problem, decided to
  have himself cryogenically preserved until after all the fuss died
  down.  He picked the year 2010 as a good point in time that would
  see Y2K solved.

  There was a Y2K problem with cryogenic computer.  When they thawed
  him out, there were a dozen people waiting form him.  They were
  recruiters wanting to hire him to solve the Y10K problem.  It seems
  he did not get thawed until the year 9990.

  Richard Riehle