>I hate to say it, but the time may be approaching when we need to close or
>monitor Team-Ada.  I didn't mind when the volume of junk mail was less than
>1 per week, but getting 7 copies of Silvia_Brown's totally inappropriate
>msg strains my tolerance.  What do others think?   -hh
>Vittal, Anup (IE10) wrote:
>>This is an Ada Mailing List.

I'm not so sure that it's time for Draconian measures on the basis of
today's experience.  I don't think one inappropriate message (granted, with
several echoes) merits significant changes to policy.  Let's wait a bit to
see if the situation persists.

Besides, if the list were about to become substantially different, surely
the psychic would have mentioned that fact in her message  ;-)

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