Hal Hart wrote:

> I hate to say it, but the time may be approaching when we need to close or
> monitor Team-Ada.  I didn't mind when the volume of junk mail was less than
> 1 per week, but getting 7 copies of Silvia_Brown's totally inappropriate
> msg strains my tolerance.  What do others think?   -hh

Since this is the first time I remember this happening, we shouldn't
panic. If it starts happening regulary, maybe a slight name change
will get us out of it again.

BTW: do not try to use the acm address in my signature, it is bouncing
all mail due to a configuration problem in the acm mailer. I cannot
complain about this since mail to the postmaster (etc.) is also
bouncing :-(

Please use [log in to unmask] as the reply address.

(note that most of my packages list the acm address for contacting me,
 to take care of email address changes, so if you run into someone
 complaining, please point them in the right direction. Thanks.)

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