The Senate panel tasked with oversight on Y2K said that Federal systems
were 90% ready, with the following caveat:
""However, the remaining 10 percent are a concern because they include
critical systems and services which play an important part in
maintaining the health and well-being of our nation's citizens," the
committee said in a statement."
The 10% included FAA, Defense, AND Health & Human Services. I do not
want to start a Y2k thread, we've been through that. However this
statement looks like an expansion in the definition of 'critical
software' to areas beyond embedded & defense. We all know that Ada is a
great choice for safety & critical systems. In this case the concern is
that people will not get the vital health care and services they need.
If maintaining people's 'well-being' is a critical interest then maybe
there's an additional in-road for wider acceptance of Ada.
Just a thought...

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