>I agree.  My point was that the scare tactics are counter-productive in
>that they cause many people to not take it seriously.  Especially those
>scare tactics that are designed to sell a solar-powered combination radio
>and flashlight with a windup generator.  Or like a "government agency
>report card" designed to convince voters that their congressman is on top
>of things. :-)

Your message was immediately followed in my mailbox by a piece of SPAM "do you know that your computer is not year 2000 ready? You must have our $39 disk to fix it." Uh-huh.

Scare tactics sell. That's why we'll hear and see a lot of them this year.

The question is, can we (the Ada community) take advantage of this opportunity? Here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to push the advantages of reliable, engineered software. For example, the vast majority of Ada software.