> > I was told that none of the software could be written in Ada,
> > even if it came as part of a COTS product.
> The latter restriction doesn't make sense. Isn't the whole
> idea with COTS software that you never see the source code
> and that you definitely don't care about such details as
> programming language? The software just has to work and the
> should include a life-time service contract in the price.

I spoke to one of our contracts people and she said if it is COTS
they only can say it does the required task or it doesn't.  They can
not specifiy any restriction on how the product is produced.  This is
per the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation).  Who ever wrote this
requirement has set the project up to be ripe for protests and
adjudication that could tie the project up for a long time.  Can you
doomed for failure?

Phil Johnson
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