[said Todd]
> A while back I asked a contact (directly involved) I have in the USAF/Mitre
> about STARS.  He said it is mostly in C and some C++ on developed to run on
> Sun SPARC stations.  If memory serves, he said they (Raytheon/Hughes?)
> decided against Ada because of tool costs and the lack thereof.


> OBTW, one of the latest hold ups I've heard is the Controllers don't like the
> new hi-resolution bitmapped color displays because they don't have all the
> old knobs and switches to control it like the old green vector scopes did.

Yes, I heard this from a student of mine who works close to the project.
Controllers are in very stressful jobs and, apparently, don;t take
kindly to change. They also like the phosphor traces on those old
screens - it shows them the thing is working.
> Todd Coniam
> Member, Team Ada
Mike Feldman