I have now added an easy automated way to add articles
to AdaPower.com


AdaPower is looking for articles, examples, and
packages at all levels. Even if you are not a GURU,
you can help build the AdaPower databases with simple
examples that can help boost the knowledge base of all
Ada programmers even those just getting started.

To receive regular updates of article submissions and
improvements to AdaPower.com send a message with
subscribe in the subject line to
[log in to unmask] (The list volume has been on
average one to two posts per week).

I will be expanding the News section to cover all Ada
news soon. If you have news related to events,
conferences, seminars, etc. on Ada please send a note
to [log in to unmask] or use the automated article
submission system: http://www.adapower.com/add.html

David Botton

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