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Sent: Saturday, May 15, 1999 3:39 AM
Subject: NEED HELP

> Hi all,
>     I am a (novice) starter in programming and and tend get myself
> confused very easily.
> Presently am trying to write a video hire database program. The only
> problem is that it will not compile. I checked the logic over and over
> again and cannot find any problems.
> Maybe it is illogical but because of my experience cannot pinpoint it.
> So am just kindly asking anyone to look at it for me ASAP.
> It should be able to search for film Title, Film Star, Film Category
> etc. and produce a report indicating the most popular videos.
You really should give more information when you're asking others to

Some of the missing information:

   1. Platform and OS on which you're trying to compile.
   2. Compiler and version you're using
   3. Output froim the compiler which indicated it would not compile.

I compiled both files on WinNT 4.0 (SP4) using gnat-3.11p with the
following results:

$ gnatmake sunspot
gcc -c sunspot.adb
sunspot.adb:403:07: warning: "Title" is never assigned a value
sunspot.adb:404:07: warning: "Star" is never assigned a value
sunspot.adb:405:07: warning: "Year" is never assigned a value
sunspot.adb:406:07: warning: "Category" is never assigned a value
gnatbind -x sunspot.ali
gnatlink sunspot.ali

$ gnatmake sunspot2
gcc -c sunspot2.adb
sunspot2.adb:42:09: missing ":="
sunspot2.adb:46:01: declarations must come before "begin"
sunspot2.adb:909:01: missing "begin" for procedure "Sunspot2" at line 5
gnatmake: "sunspot2.adb" compilation error

Now, the file sunspot.adb clearly compiled and linked.
It crashed on execution with a constraint error when I selected
option 1.  When I selected option 0, it respoinded with

                          VIDEO MAINTENANCE PROGRAM
                               Add Video Record

There are  0 Video(s) which are:

Add how many records

to the NT console window -- not to the little window which the
program spawned  -- so you clearly have more work to do.

As to why the program "did not compile" for you, did you have
the other four files needed by your program -- viz.: