[said Phil]

> Roger,
> For information on the current conformity assessment process, see
> http://eds-conform.com/ACAA-1-4.pdf or contact
> the Ada Conformity Assessment Authority's Technical Representative, Randy
> Brukardt ([log in to unmask]).
> For general information about the EDS Ada Conformity Assessment Laboratory
> operated by EDS, see http://www.eds-conform.com
> or contact me directly.
> Phil Brashear

A good (and recent) discussion of the conformance assessment process is
at the new location of the Ada Information Clearinghouse,

www.adaic.com. (www.adaic.org, www.adaresource.com, and www.adaresource.org
all work too). AdaIC is now under the purview of ARA, and still operated
by IITRI, the contractor that ran it for AJPO. Nice site, by the way.
THey seem to be keeping it nicely up to date.

Mike Feldman