Phil has answered this as well as I can, but I thought I'd add a couple of

As Phil mentioned, the Ada conformity assessment process conforms to the ISO
Ada conformity assessment standard (FCD 18009, Information Technology --
Programming Languages -- Ada: Conformity Assessment of a Language Processor,
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG9 N355, January 18, 1999). Note that this standard is
likely to set a record for completion time in all of JTC1 - final approval
is currently expected in November 1999.

The ISO standard codifies the process of conformity assessment. The process
is essentially similar to that used by the AJPO before its closing. The ARA
is committed to meeting that standard. In addition, as Phil mentioned, the
testing laboratories are the same, with the same internal standards as
before. More on these processes can be found in the (excellent :-) articles
in the March 1999 issue of Ada Letters. The ARA's article is also available
from the AdaIC web site.

Finally, neither the ARA nor I intend conformity assessment to become a
legacy procedure without growth. The test suite will be corrected and
enhanced in an ongoing basis. Emphasis for enhancements to the test suite
will be targeted to language changes and repairs (approved Ada Issues), and
portability problems actually encountered by users. In the coming months,
the ACAA will be setting up a mechanism for Ada users to report portability
problems that they have encountered.

Conformity assessments under the ARA expire two years after issuance. This
will keep Ada vendors continuously testing with new and enhanced tests. We
believe this will enhance the quality and portability of Ada code for all
Ada users.

                                Randall Brukardt
                                Technical Agent
                                Ada Conformity Assessment Authority