A feature of the new ASE CDROM and website is the Ada User's
Bookshelf.  This is a large hyperdocument (over 100M bytes in
size) that contains reference manuals, tutorials, videos,
references to resources (over 17,000 hypertext links),
specifications of several Ada component libraries, links to
many Ada-oriented websites, and more.

The bookshelf is designed to be run directly off the CDROM
(no installation required), directly off the website (altho the
videos are large and will take time to download if you have a
slow link), and directly off your hard drive (the bookshelf
can be installed by simply copying its tree).

It is only on the Walnut Creek ASE website at this time.
When the other ASE websites are updated, it will be available
there as well.  You can check it out at:

I plan to continue adding to the bookshelf (it does not yet offer
the specifications to the Ada95 standard libraries or ASIS yet,
for example).

Suggestions for improvement on either the ASE or PAL efforts are

Richard Conn, ASE and PAL Manager