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Neil Duffin:

You should inform us of which system you are talking of,
when you get unexpected results. It could be a system
dependent feature/bug.

> Can anyone tell me why using procedure Text_IO.New_Page puts a symbol
> on the screen instead of starting a new page. Is there an easy way to
> start a new page when outputting to screen.

GNAT on Digital Unix outputs a "CTRL-L" when you call
Ada.Text_IO.New_Page. My VT510 seems to ignore it, but it is
recognised as the page break code in Unix text files.

> Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

If you want to control output on a text terminal, it makes
more sense to use a package dedicated to that purpose.

I believe that Markus Kuhn's Ada95 page[1] is a good
starting point when looking for a library that suits your


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